Bathroom Ideas


    Raw Emotion

    The natural beauty of timber is making a comeback in the bathroom.  Experiment with different wood types, grains, textures and more to create a unique space.  Complete the look with sleek ceramics and contemporarry tapware.

    Source: Burdens Bathrooms
  • Rewind for a Retro Look

    It's back to the future with brands embracing the style of yesteryear.  What's old is new (and very stylish) again in tapware, baths, basins and more!  Organic shapes and elegrant curves are a hallmark of the retro revival.

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    Dramatic Metallics.  Get Your Shine On!  

    A global design trend borne from 5-star luxury, the rise in use of metallic bathrware heralds a golden era of opulence. Add instant glamour to any bathroom with tapware, towel rails and more.  A shining example of this "Gold" range from famous brand Brodware.  You can get the luxe look without the platinum price tag at your nearest Burdens showroom. 

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    Industrial Inspiration

    Exposed brickwork, polished concrete flooring, chunky metal framed windows and soaring ceilings provide the backdrop to the ever popular industrial aesthetic.  It's all about simplicity - where edginess sits perfectly with the select curvy ceramic pieces and industrial inspired accessories.

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    Kitchen Inspiration

    Burdens is so much more than just bathrooms.  You can explore a world of the latest tasty looks in kitchen sinks, tapware, mixers & more!  Our range of kitchen classics from famous brands like Blanco, Abey, Hansgrohe and Methven - gives you the inspiration for a kitchen renovation as well.

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    Indulge in Hotel Luxury and Day Spa Living Everyday!

    Spoil yourself and your senses by taking a style cue from the latest in designer pampering.  Imagine the daily delight of waking to a bathroom that makes you feel like you're staying in a luxurious hotel or were about to indulge in a special spa treatment.  With a focus on European design and luxe finishes, your world of bathroom indulgence is as close as your local Burdens' showroom.

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  • Ebony & Ivory

    Create perfect harmony in your bathroom with this global design trend.  Match the cool sophistication of white tiles or marble with the sleek glamour of matt black or gloss black tapware, accessories and even toilets and baths.  This is a design trend destined to stand the test of time.

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  • Scandinavian Style

    Drawing inspiration from nature, the blend of clean lines and natural timbers are giving bathrooms much needed warmth while retaining a pared back, uncluttered aesthetic.

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  • Making your Bathroom Look Bigger

    Dream of having more space in your bathroom but just don't have the square metres? Here are a few easy-to-implement hints on how to make your bathroom feel more roomy.

    Paint with light.

    This is probably the first thing to consider if you’re looking to add a sense of spaciousness. Light colours reflect more light and open a room up, while dark colours absorb the light, closing it in. To create a more spacious feel, work with light to neutral or mid-tone colours.

    Brighten up your bathroom.

    Whether it's source is natural or artificial, adding more light to your bathroom will certainly add to the sense of space. Think about adding light fixtures in areas that don't receive much natural light, or let the outside in through windows and skylights.

    Mirror image.

    Mirrors provide a great way to dramatically enhance the sense of space in your bathroom. But before you rush out and buy one, think carefully about it's size and location. Positioning your mirror opposite a window, for example, will let you catch and reflect all that natural light back throughout the bathroom. Horizontal mirrors to add give the sense of greater width to your room, while vertical mirrors add height.

    From floors to walls.

    When floor space is at premium, consider relocating storage cabinets and cupboards to the walls. Installing cupboards and shelves suspended from walls and placing towel racks on the back of doors are simple ways to free up floor space.


    Does it really need to be in here?

    If your bathroom's feeling cramped and cluttered, ask yourself what really needs to be in there, and take out anything that doesn't. There are often many products, decorations and other bits and pieces which can easily be stored or put somewhere else.

    Want a bigger looking bathroom? Visit your local Burdens Bathrooms store for more ideas and friendly advice.

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  • Famous for Frameless

    A global design trend is the framless glass panel that delivers a sleek designer look to any bathroom.  Great for large or compact bathrooms and wet rooms, the frameless panel tricks the eye and gives the sense of a larger space.  Easy to install, they are available in a range of size options - just ask at your nearest Burdens showroom.

  • All Hail the Rail

    For the ultimate in showering flexibility, rail shower units offer a luxurious mix of options.  Set the height to whatever suits, or use the unit handheld for a wonderfully decadent slow shower experience.  See the full range of big brand rail shower units at your local Burdens showroom.

  • Floating On Air

    A great way to add an extra feeling of space to your bathroom is to opt for a wall hung vanity rather than the traditional freestanding unit.  With a huge variety of finishes and colours to choose from, they're a very modern solution to creating more room in smaller bathrooms and ensuites.

  • Choosing a Tradesperson

    Choosing a tradesperson or contractor to work on your bathroom is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Here a are a few ideas and tips on how to find the right people for the job.

    Talk to friends and family.

    The best way to choose a tradesperson to complete your bathroom (or any) renovation is through personal recommendation. Talk to neighbours, friends,  family and even work mates who have recently had similar work done. Not only will this help you find tradespeople or contractors for your project, it can also give you better insight into what to expect – and what to look out for!

    Check details, licenses and insurances.

    It might seem obvious, but be sure to get your tradespersons details, including a physical address and / or registered business name. This will give you a reference through which to trace them if things really go wrong.

    Hiring an unlicensed or uninsured contractor or tradesperson can have serious implications. Check relevant licenses with relevant industry bodies.

    Plumbers, Drainers and Gasfitters must be registered or licensed with the Plumbing Industry Commission and carry an identification card – ask to see it. Also check your contractors certificate of currency for public liability insurance.

    Find out how long the business you are considering has existed and whether it has always traded under the same name.

    Talk about your project and others.


    You can often get a pretty good idea of a persons suitability for a job simply by having a conversation with them. If you don't feel comfortable, or if your questions can't be answered clearly, consider talking to someone else.

    Also ask to see previous work and / or references from previous clients. Knowing that a similar project was completed well is a great way to get peace of mind.

    Quote, quote and quote again.

    Always ask for written quotes from at least three potential tradespeople. Read them carefully and compare exactly what each quote offers. You'll often find small differences that add up to a big difference.

    Source: Burdens Bathrooms

  • Planning your Perfect Bathroom

    Bathroom renovations and new builds can be a confusing and time consuming process but they don’t have to be. While the following is not intended to be a complete renovation guide, it is designed to provide you with some helpful tips and guidance to assist you step by step with your renovation. ...

    Look at other bathroom designs.

    Before you begin to plan your own new bathroom, take a look at what other people are doing. Showrooms, magazines and friends and family are all great places to get ideas.

    Consider how your bathroom/s will be used now and in the future.

    The style of your bathroom is one thing, but the function you require it to perform is another.  Consider the number of people who will need to clean, primp and escape in this haven at the same time to ascertain things like the need for space to move around, if double bowls and a separate toilet would be handy and how much storage will be needed.  If kids are the main users, consider child-friendly fittings such as pin lever basin mixers, swivel bath spouts, slip-resistant bath surfaces, soft close vanity drawers, inset basins to allow easy reach etc.

    Know your budget.                                                                                                          

    Set your budget early in the project so you can then carefully plan where you'll allocate money.

    Talk to designers, plumbers, electricians and tilers.

    A lot of work goes into completing the perfect bathroom! Unless you have a builder or someone managing the project, make sure you consult anyone who'll be involved in the project early to avoid mix-ups during work.

    Choose tiles, vanity and taps.

    Most people tend to choose their bathroom tiles (or other surfaces such as stone and glass) first. Remember that light shades tend to age less, and improve the sense of space. Vanities  or basins generally come next, along with tap fittings. Remember that the fittings you choose for your basin will influence which fittings work in showers and baths.

    Choose your bath and / or shower.
    During the planning phase you will have worked out whether you need a separate bath and shower, combined, or just a shower. No longer seen as mere practical necessities, modern showers account for convenience and comfort. If you're planning to have a separate bath, remember that it will occupy a large proportion of your space.

    Choose your toilet.

    There's plenty of choice when it comes to modern toilets! Take some time to research what's available, from wall-facing to wall-hung, low-flush and dual flush.  European 'in-wall cisterns’ are becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

    Deciding on bathroom accessories.

    You're almost there! Finding the right accessories can add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. From heated towel rails to toilet-roll holders, and plants to sound-systems. Let your imagination go a little, while remaining true to your bathroom's overall design.

    Looking for more ways to finish your bathroom? Visit your local Burdens Bathrooms store for products, ideas and friendly advice.

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  • Splash Out on Colour

    An all-white bathroom is fine, but why not splash out on a bit of colour and create a vibrant and exciting space. These days you can make a real statement - whether it's the colour of the paint on the walls, the tiles, the floor, the vanity or even the bath.  Ask at one of our showrooms for more information on other ways to add colour to your bathroom.