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Innovative laundry designs and products are encouraging sustainable laundry practices, whilst maintaining stylish and contemporary aesthetics. At Burden’s Bathrooms, we’re not solely focused on bathrooms, and extend our expert knowledge to providing Melbourne homes with quality and affordable laundry sinks, cabinets and more. 

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    Choose from a variety of products suitable for all laundry sizes and layouts. We offer a range of laundry sinks with cabinets for optimum storage space and practicality. Inset laundry troughs or single tubs accompany the cabinets, and are available in different sizes. We stock laundry cabinets in various materials including timber, metal, stainless steel and polymer, making it simple to find an option that will complement your laundry. For those looking to install a laundry sink into an existing cabinet, Burden’s Bathrooms stocks individually sold stainless steel laundry sinks, troughs and tubs. 

    Add the practical elements to your laundry with Burden’s Bathrooms. Browse our laundry products online or contact our knowledgeable team for inspiration and advice.