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Seeing is believing. Often forming the centrepiece of a bathroom, it is also a frequently used sanctuary. The shower can be square, rectangle, round or corner shaped in standard sizings, with varying door positions.

Enjoy a stroll around any one of our showrooms and appreciate the ease and simplicity of prefabricated designs and installations. Consider the benefits of adding distinctive designs to replace dated d├ęcor.

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    Bathroom Showers and Screens

    Bathroom showers come in a range of modern and decorative looks to suit any style of bathroom. Whether you prefer framed or semi-frameless, square, rectangular or round showers, shower, screen and base systems, dry mount walk in showers, flat wall linings or clear or decorative glass, there's a shower at Burdens Bathrooms to suit your needs.   Showers are not only functional;  they can also become the focal point of your bathroom.